Monday, August 5, 2013

the Dentist

A few weeks ago Audrey had a dentist appointment.  So far she has a 100% crying record for crying at the Dentist...and the tradition continued.  The dentist looked up at me and said "she might have a little cavity developing"  It was over when she said "cavity".  Audrey burst into hardcore tears.  The dentist was taken aback by her...strong reaction, but she was so wonderful and comforting to Audrey.  She did recommend sealants, so we made an appointment, and today we went back.  Check up = bad.  Sealants = well...let me just tell you about it.

Audrey had a different dentist today (there are two women who share the practice) and this lady also mentioned the developing cavity.  Turn on the water works!  Audrey goes into the dentist on extreme edge, and the slightest upset will send her into a free fall.  The first sealant went fairly quickly, and then midway through the second one Audrey sat up, pulled everything out of her mouth, and spit everything out.  She was very upset, I was holding her hand the whole time, and then when Phoenix saw how much she was crying he held her hand to (aww!).  The hygienist grabbed the dentist back in to have extra support.  They finished the last two quickly, and they were very nice and gentle.

I am fairly certain that we will have to get the cavity filled next appointment...I don't even know how Audrey will handle that!  Poor girl.  I remember being slightly on edge at the dentist, but I was never close to tears.  She is just a sensitive and somewhat emotional little girl, but I love her just the way she is.


Kristen said...

Do we have the same child? You have just described Merry Grace at the dentist. I feel your pain!