Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's LICE to meet you

Do you see where this is going??  Cue the "eww's" and "ugghh's"!  It happened.  

Last Monday we went to Marbles and then Audrey's friend invited her to go swimming.  As I was putting her to be that night, she said that her head was itching.  I told her that it was probably a mosquito bite.  The next night she mentioned that her head was still itchy.  I looked quickly at her hair and I didn't see anything.  On Wednesday morning when I was combing her hair I saw a tiny bug.  I told Audrey that she had lice, fully expecting a full blown freak out (because I totally would have if it was me), but she was actually really interested and not scared at all.  I left the kids with Travis and drove to CVS, I picked up some lice treatment stuff, and went back home to immediately begin treatment...on both kids.  Just to be safe.  

Audrey made a face for this picture, but she actually loved it.  Seriously, she LOVED it.  Phoenix wasn't as crazy about it, but he was fast (since he did not actually have lice).  

We had to cancel plans to go to the movies, and to go over to a friends house that day.  Audrey wasn't even phased.  We stayed home, played American Girl dolls (Kit also had lice that day also...), and watched some movies.  Audrey had a blast.  At the end of the day she said that she had the best day ever.  I am laughing as I am typing that, but it is true.  

Both me and Travis were mildly horrified (and totally grossed out) at the discovery of lice on our little girl, but she was not ashamed in the least.  As soon as I found lice on Audrey my whole body started itching, when I was at the pharmacy asking where the lice treatment stuff was I COULD NOT stop itching my head, the pharmacist must have been totally disgusted by me.  I (mostly) knew that it was just my imagination because I was not itchy at all before the lice discovery.  I spend the rest of the day getting random itches, but me, Travis, and Phoenix were spared.  

My friend told me that lice takes about 7 days on your head to start itching, so Audrey probably got it from school (year round school here).  Hopefully this is the ONLY time we have to deal with this!  The removal process wasn't that bad, but the totally gag worthy.


Heather Macbeth said...

I totally get itchy thinking about bugs too. And soon this will be happening to Lily. Yay?

Kory said...

no fun! at least she was cool about it! lol!

Kristen said...

Her reaction is hilarious! We had a round a few years ago, only all three girls had it. How fun that they all got to catch it from the same place. Truly, I thought it was just about the worst thing ever. Combing through their hair was a nightmare. Thankfully, that's been our only experience with it. First and last? I can only pray. ;)