Monday, August 5, 2013

my little BOY

How should I say this?  Phoenix is...disgusting.  Ever since he was "potty trained" it has been even worse.  He used to put dirt in his mouth, occasionally mulch, I caught him licking the school cafeteria floor once, he touches every bug he can get his little fingers on (even the crusty dried up worms), and he really fights washing his hands.  And then we (I) potty trained him.  And a whole new world of gross opened up.  He discovered that he can pee anywhere!  Our front yard?  Of course!  The back deck?  Um..duh!  The neighbors yard when we are taking a walk?  You betcha!  All over the bathroom floor (because he intentionally missed)?  Why not?  Our basement stairs?  Totally!  He thinks it is "so cool" to make footprints in his pee puddles.  Eww!  And I cannot tell you how many times I have caught him playing with his...fecal the toilet.  Every time I catch him doing it, I scream!  You really cannot get more disgusting than that!  I keep waiting for all of my lectures about germs, and getting sick, and how yucky that is to sink in...but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful.  A few days ago I saw this quote that said "Boys are noise with dirt on them" true that is!  

Phoenix also has developed a softer side to him.  A "baby hungry" side.  Up until a few months ago he was fairly frightened of babies, which I thought was funny.  Then we went to a party for one of his friends who has twin sisters.  I held one of the girls the whole time, and Phoenix kept coming up and interacting with her (they were about 10 months old at the time), he even tried holding her (under my supervision of course).  When we were getting ready to leave, Travis asked if he wanted to take one of the babies home.  Phoenix said "Yes!  That one!" as he pointed to the one crawling over all of the cushions.  A few Sundays later I held one of the girls during church, Phoenix kept saying "Can we keep it?  It would be so funny!  It can sleep in my room!"  It was so adorable!  Towards the end he wanted to sit in my lap with her.  

I love my little bud.  He might have really gross habits, but he is a super sweet lil guy.