Friday, July 26, 2013

Phoenix's Birthday Party

I wasn't in the "big party" mood this year, in fact, I am not even sure if I would have thrown a party with friends for Phoenix if he hadn't brought it up on his own.  I can't resist that cute little guy, so I put together the smallest and easiest party I could.  

When we were in NY, we watched the first Superman (Christopher Reeve) and while most of us were making fun of it (lets face it, the acting and special effects were not...good...), Phoenix was totally into it.  He kept talking about Superman for days after.  So the theme of his little party was pretty obvious...

I made capes for all 6 kids.  What I thought would be a quick project turned into much more :-/

Fastest way to dress up a water bottle?  Duct tape!!

We had Little Caesars Pizza, Sun Chips, Doritos, Grapes, and Jello Roll ups.

After the kids were done eating I had them all put on their capes and glasses, we did a quick super hero training, and then the bad guy (aka Travis) came and stole a box with candy in it.  The kids chased him...

They used silly string to combat his green glow stick (kryptonite sword).

The kids LOVED it!!

Good thing I told him to wear his glasses!! 

When Travis finally got down on the ground, the kids tied him up with crepe paper and hit him with punch balloons until he told them where he hid the candy (nothing like teaching the kids the value of torture ;-) ).  After a few false leads, the kids "beat" the truth out of him.  

I made lemon cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese, butter cream frosting.  Mmm Mmm Good!

Phoenix had a great time, and I am pretty sure all of the kids did too.  One of the boys would NOT take off his glasses!  It was adorable!  I am starting to see the beauty of smaller parties.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  I love my lil superman!