Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Day of 1st Grade

First day of first grade
Last day of first grade
Comparing the two pictures, Audrey definitely looks more grown up in the last one.  Kinda sad...

The teacher gave out candy bar awards to the students, it was such a fun idea!  Audrey got the Mr. Goodbar award.  My sister asked if it was because she was so good in school, I laughed.  She isn't "bad", but she is very talkative, and social.  The Mr. Goodbar award was for being a good friend, which Audrey definitely is.

Audrey had a fine first grade experience.  I am hoping that her second grade teacher will be more like the preschool teachers (kind, nurturing, gentle, firm...).  We met her last week, and she is super southern, which is a good sign.