Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July!

Our friends invited us to spend last weekend in Swansboro with them at their beach house.  It was fun.  It was REALLY fun.  We had a cookout with some of their extended family (the food was delish of course!), the kids played in the big yard...it was a good time.

Then we walked down to the bay area and watched the fireworks.  It was a blast (haha...get it?!?).

 Me and April painted our girls' nails all patriotic like.  It made me realize that I should do this more often with Audrey!  It was SO fun!!

I sadly did not take many other pictures to document our weekend.  I usually bring down my (crappy) point and shoot to take places where I am too nervous to take my beloved SLR, but I forgot it!!  We spent two days at the beach, and another day we took their boat to Shark Tooth Island, where we found a bunch of Shark Teeth!!  Phoenix adopted a few hermit crabs (he carried them around like they were cute babies), and we also found some clams!  We took as many home as we could find (about 10) and we attempted to make clam chowder.  It didn't turn out great, maybe because we didn't have enough clams, or clam juice?  But it was fun anyway.  Another day we took the boat out to Bear Island, where we caught a bunch of blue crabs!  They were all female though, so we couldn't keep them, but we did get really good at catching the crabs (with sand shovels and plastic buckets mind you!).  Bear Island was awesome because there were no waves there, and it wasn't crowded at all.  

We had such a fun weekend, it was totally packed with nonstop awesomeness!  A wonderful way to celebrate the 4th!