Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Phoenix is 4!

Prepare for picture overload...

Phoenix turned 4!  He had a jam packed day filled with all of his favorite things:

Daddy took the day off from work (what a lucky boy!).  We hit up Marbles first.

Then we went to the Cupcake Shoppe to pick out cupcakes for dessert that night.  Phoenix knew immediately which one he wanted (chocolate with mint frosting).  

Then we hit up Pullen Park...

He even got to play in some water! 

After the train ride (at Pullen Park) he got a cookies and cream milk shake from Chick-fil-A.

Then we went home, Trav made some work calls, and Phoenix went to the dentist with me (I didn't realize I made the appointment for his birthday :-/).  He was SUPER good!!  After that we picked Audrey up from school, and got some Little Caesars Pizza (his favorite).  I made some lemonade (at his request), and we ate.  

He licked the wrong end of the candle (no frosting on the wick!), luckily it wasn't hot anymore!

Audrey made a list of what presents she could get for Phoenix, one of her ideas was a horse.  She has one and she is extremely good at "riding" it around, so she wanted Phoenix to have his own (because when he "rode" with her it really slowed her down).

Phoenix got a few superhero toys, and he spent the night shooting everyone with darts and spider-mans glowing web.  It was SO cute (and kinda annoying when it was me he was shooting :-) ).

Please note his tongue in this picture!  (this one is for you Jess!)

And no party would be complete without Travis falling asleep!  (he really did)

Phoenix had an awesome day, he is such a sweet boy!!  He couldn't believe that all of the presents were for him!  He really loves playing with his toys!