Friday, May 14, 2010

Allowance Negotiations

So Audrey is on the weekly allowance of 25 cents...given in the form of a Quarter. This is our conversation from today...

Me: Audrey, when you get 4 quarters you can trade them in for one dollar.

Audrey: And then I get a diamond

Me: Err....Uhh...not really

Audrey: And then I get a card (referring to a credit card). Lots of cards.

Me: Umm...maybe when you are older (and on your own!).

Isn't she too young to be thinking about credit cards? I might have to start rethinking this whole allowance thing. Audrey drives a hard bargain.


Anonymous said...

omg that is hilarous!!!! Audrey is soooooo funny! The ideas she comes up with are so funny!

Kristin said...

once again, hilarious. Oh do I wish it worked that way audrey!