Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shriner's Circus

Our friend, Bill, had some extra tickets to a circus while my sisters were in town!  Earlier that day I drove myself, Leah, Jessie, and Audrey to Chapel Hill to the Planetarium only to find out that they only show the movies on the weekends (so basically a two hour drive round trip for NOTHING), I was so happy to have the circus to go to in an attempt to redeem myself to my sisters.

 Phoenix spent the night in laps, mostly Travis, and then I think he went down the line, giving everyone including Audrey a turn!

 This circus was smaller production that the other that we go to, the plus side was that we could get very close to the tigers!  It was pretty cool, especially for Audrey (tigers are here favorite animal!).

 I always buy Audrey a cheap hat so that she can have something to make her experience a little more fun, this year I got one for Phoenix to (I should also note that this is the FIRST circus that Phoenix has been to...he LOVED it!).

 Leah looks so pretty in these pictures!  Maybe she should rock the rainbow hat all the time!
 The clowns were...the low point of the show.  They were shockingly bad.  Like people cheered when they were done because they were so happy it was over.  
Overall it was a fun experience, for a good cause.  Thanks Bill!!


Kristin said...

So sad about the clowns! :) But lovin the rainbow hats. Yeah, Leah is beautiful. You all are. And those kids are adorable.