Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few pictures...

 I had my sister, Leah, take our family pictures this year. Part of my justification for buying my DSLR was that this year we would save money on family pictures.  Leah was the photographer for our engagement pictures after we did not like the professional ones, so I figured I would take advantage of her being in town.  

We got to the site probably about half an hour past prime light, but she still managed to take some great pictures... (Phoenix was actually the biggest problem)

 The pictures of me and Trav turned out really well...because neither of us was fighting a little 3 year old while trying to smile.  It is kind of funny to compare our couples pictures with the family pictures because they are so much more relaxed!  
Thanks Leah for doing an awesome job!!

P.S. we did get a good family picture but I will save it for the Christmas cards!


Kristin said...

You all are just beautiful. :)Sweet pictures.

Sarah Newsom said...

I love your pictures . You have the cutest little family :)