Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Party at Marbles

Marbles is the kids museum in Raleigh.  I go there an average of twice a week.  It is the one place that I can sort of relax with Phoenix.  They had a Halloween party there this year, so we gave it a try.  

We did a Wizard of Oz theme this year...

I made Phoenix's monkey jacket with wings, Audrey's jumper, and my skirt.  They turned out pretty much exactly how I would hope!

I decided to put green makeup on my face because I didn't have time to make a witch hat, it didn't look great...

Dorothy, monkey, the wicked witch and the wizard Travis.  We had planned for Travis to be the wizard, but he didn't want to wear a costume (aka a suit), party pooper!
The party was decent, but the highlight for the kids was the dance party at the end.  Audrey is still talking about it!  We will probably add this party to our annual  Halloween traditions.


Kristin said...

I love those costumes. You did a great job.