Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It was freezing on Halloween night so instead of doing our other costumes I let the kids choose from their large collection of fleece costumes.  Audrey was SO excited to be a tiger!

Audrey was so excited about her face makeup (it was the first time I didn't have to fight her to put some make up on her lol).  She asked me if I could do her make up every time she dresses up as a tiger.  I told her no, lol.   

 Phoenix LOVED trick or treating!  He fell probably 10 times because he was running so fast from house to house!  It was hilarious.  

Phoenix was really freaked out by Travis in the wig...

I think we all were.


Jessica said...

It was so great to see how much fun Audrey and Phoenix had trick-or-treating! They were so cute running as fast as the could up to the doors and then looking in the side windows lol

Kristin said...

Her makeup is pretty awesome! And i adore that chicken costume. One of my favs. Happy Halloween! Fun that Jessie got to be there too. Does JEssica have a blog??