Monday, November 7, 2011

"Thomas World"

I met a few friends last year through Audrey's preschool. I keep in touch with two of the Moms and we get together about once a month (sans kids). One of them has a son who LOVES Thomas, and as many of you know Phoenix loves Thomas as well. My friend gave me the heads up that Thomas was coming to town (meaning to a town 2 hours away). We surprised the kids (and as always Travis let it slip out before we got there). Audrey has been resistant to Thomas, I think she looks at it as Phoenix's thing, and I also think she is a little jealous of all of the trains that Phoenix has (even though he shares very well with her). Well, Audrey was jumping up and down with excitement when we told her that we were going to see the real Thomas.

We got to ride on a train "pulled" by Thomas. He is really more of a prop. We kept waiting for the train to pick up speed, but it never did. Lame!!

Sir Topham Hat was much shorter in real life than he looks on TV. Phoenix was a little freaked out by him (to be honest so was I).

At the end of the day Travis said that it was boring and he would not go back next year. Audrey said it was the best day ever, and she wants to go back to "Thomas world" again next year. I explained to Trav that it was geared towards kids 3-5 years old, and after looking back at all the fun the kids had, Trav agreed that he would go again next year (for the kids sake).