Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Phoenix is loving school, since he has started he sits in one place better, he will eat goldfish (Hallelujah!!!), and he is constantly improving his speech. He still is not saying a lot, but his vocabulary includes:

Mamma (usually said in a frustrated grunting voice...)







HELP (he likes to use this word in public and he likes to yell it, like for example today in Target... when I was trying to keep him in the cart...and attempting to keep my cool...)



NO! (also likes to use this word as loud as he can, in the most embarressing situations)

Night night

Here you go mamma

Wanna go side? (want to go outside?)

All done!


He has decided to more or less eliminate his naps, he will take about 1 per week, maybe 2. In some ways it is nice, like how I put him to bed earlier, but in other ways (like how he is way more grumpy) it is not so great. He loves to ride Audrey's jeep around (he sits in the passenger seat and pushes the pedal from there...meaning he does not steer), he still loves trains and cars, he loves to read Clifford stories, he has added Oatmeal to the foods he will eat. He is the funnest little guy, but he still has some whiny periods (when he is sick usually). He is definately loved!