Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halloween Party

Every year our church has a Halloween party. Our ward really goes all out, tons of the adults dress up so it is a lot of fun. Travis went as a silver street performer (a lot of people did not get it...I guess the street performers are a bigger city thing), I went as an experimental insane asylum escape (a lot of people did not get that either, but I knew they wouldn't), Audrey went as Eloise as a Police Office (costume within a costume, her idea), and Phoenix went as Justin Beiber. We had a lot of fun, and Phoenix's costume was perfect for him because he really does not like wearing costumes. Travis won an award. Yeah Baby!

I should mention that Travis went as a Stomp Pest Control Tech Silver street performer. Perfect, dontcha think? Someone asked how he got his hair to stay like's a wig.