Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes I call Rexburg Flexburg. When me and Travis were dating he once referred to Rexburg as Flexburg, while flexing his rippling bicep (he is a genius at finding opportunities to flex). After two days in SLC we drove to Rexburg for two days. I was really glad that we were going to be there because I have a special place in my heart for Rexburg, ID. We stayed with Trav's Grandpa. I walked around barefoot for the whole time. The soft green grass is not something I take for granted. I have tried to go commando (without shoes that is) in Raleigh, but it was very painful. I had Sunday morning in Rexburg all to myself. Everyone went to church except for me and the little man (if I have learned one thing it is "never wake a sleeping baby"). I ate a banana outside, and walked around the beautiful apples trees (I think Travis helped plant them). It was so relaxing and peaceful. I also talked to my hunny for a while on the phone.

Sunday afternoon we got together on a blanket behind Aunt Jan's house. Once again, so peaceful and enjoyable.

Grandpa Linford has this toy room in his basement and the kids LOVED it. There is something so enticing about old (in a good way) toys.

I think Addie and Phoenix are going to be buddies in a few months.
So I hadn't seen Janae for a few months, she must have gotten extensions because nobody's hair grows this fast! No offence, but it totally felt like horse hair.

In reality she took a horse tail hair thingy (not sure of the technical term) and we carefully incorporated it into her hair. It kinda looks legit, right? Jared thought it was crazy.


Sarah Newsom said...

I am going to Utah next week! And Rexburg too and I am soo exited. I know what you mean when you say Rexburg has a special place in your heart. It has one in mine too :)