Friday, August 6, 2010


When we finally got to SLC it took at least another hour to get everything from baggage claim into our TINY rental car. (note to all parents...or people that pack more than a mid size suitcase, pay the extra $5 per day and get a mid size car). We got to our hotel room and the wonderful people at the Best Western had already set up the porta crib in our room, a small thing on their part, but it was a huge relief to not have to worry about it. We met my brother, John, and his beautiful wife Brooke for dinner at Wingers. It had been 3 years since my last sticky finger experience. Unfortunately, the chicken had been sitting around (I hate that you can tell/taste the difference!) and it was less than fulfilling. But the company was good at least. The next day I saw Heather (Trav's sister), Ryan (her beau), and my younger sister Michelle. It was good to see everyone.

This picture is at John's apartment, they have a dog named Oliver and Audrey was obsessed with the dog, and Phoenix was obsessed with Ollie's cage (hmm...this gives me and idea...)
On Saturday my wonderful Aunt Nancy organized a get together with my cousins Kristen and Jenny and my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dennis. I so grateful that Aunt Nancy did this, it was so much fun. When we were there my Aunt Donna introduced Audrey to me as Lydia (one of Kristen's girls). I found it funny because look at all of the blondes! All of the kids look alike!

Kristen, Michelle, yours truly, and Jenny
It was fun to have a day to spend with Michelle, me and her haven't had a lot of one on one time for way too long.
When we were in Utah I wore pants almost all the time. The reason? Because I could. It is so sticky hot here in Raleigh that some days it is too hot for shorts...let alone pants.