Friday, August 6, 2010

Island Park

Grandpa Linford was kind enough to let us stay in his cabin in Island Park for a few days. It is breathtakingly beautiful there. On the first day there we saw not 1, not 2, but 3 Mooses (just kidding, I know it's Moose). One mother with her two babies. Moose are so tall! We had a canoe to play around with, Jason, or should I call him Dr. Fisherman? had 4 fishing poles set up at all times during the day. He shared the excitement of catching a fish with all of us by generously letting us take turns of who reeled the fish in. More pictures to come of that. By the time we got to the cabin Phoenix had been getting about 8 hours of sleep per day...compared to his usual 16. It was not pretty. And by "not pretty" I mean...let's just say whenever Addie saw Phoenix she said "baby crying" and 90%...maybe 95% of the time she was right. And why is it that the more tired the baby the harder it is to get them to sleep? WHY?!?!? Everyone helped out, so that made everything much easier.

Trav's Dad picked out a pink life jacket especially for Audrey. She loved it, I mean LOVED. Her and Brighton both wore their life jackets as much as possible, and we did not discourage it.

On one of the first night there Audrey and Grandpa were sitting out on the deck and talking. It was so cute I had to get a picture. After they had posed Audrey said "Mommy, can you leave?" I asked her if she wanted to have Grandpa all to herself and she said "Yes". I thought it was so sweet that she valued the one-on-one time with her Grandpa.

Another thing about kids...why is it impossible to keep dirt/sand/rocks out of their mouth, but if you try to feed them certain kinds of food they spit it out immediately?

These two missed each other soo much! They were so excited to be together and surprisingly they didn't fight that much.

Here is Jason's set up I was telling you about...


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