Friday, August 6, 2010

Park City/Salt Lake City

The Linford family reunion was that weekend in Park City. We had missed out on the last 2 years and Travis really wanted to make it to this one. I sadly did not get many pictures to document our time there, but here are the few that I do have...

We all went on the Alpine slide. You can control your speed. I went slow. Really slow. I heard the person behind me come up. I was embarrassed of how slow I was going. I bowed my head in shame and sped up a little. At the end I avoided eye contact with the person. Then I realized that it was a lady in her 60's. Then I was really, really embarrassed.

We had a great time. It was fun to see most of Trav's extended family. On the last night there myself, Janae, Heather, and Ryan were playing Settlers. Trav, Jared, and Jason set up their laptops in the same room and played Starcraft. It was fun. But Travis ate too much candy and he drank too much soda. He had the worst toothache of his life that night. I felt so bad. I kept my hand on his arm all night so that he would know I was there. He said a prayer, I said a prayer, and the pain went away (he said that he heard of that happening, excruciating pain, then the tooth stops hurting because it died...let's hope that is not what happened). The next day we said our goodbyes. Travis and Phoenix flew out on Sunday afternoon. I tried to get me and Audrey on the flight, but the man at the desk rudely told me it was full. And so was the one at 4:55. So I asked if he could give me a pass to help Travis with Phoenix to the gate. He asked me if Travis could manage the "infant son" on his own. I said probably. Then he nodded his head like he was talking to the dumbest idiot on the planet (aka me). I turned and walked away and blinked back tears till me and Audrey got to our car. Why are some people so nice, and other people not? So then I took Audrey to a restaurant with a good chicken wrap. When I walked outside I saw that the car lights were turned on. Dang it! Of course the battery was dead. So me and Audrey waited, like it was our job, for the owners one of the cars parked next to us to come out. A nice family came out and the guy helped us (and he did not have to tell me where to stick the charger cord things thank you very much). Then me and Audrey went to the Salt Lake. And we went swimming. I think we were the only people there that spoke English. There are millions and billions of brine shrimp in the water. But the water is so warm and it is so awesome to float in it. After that I called Delta to see if there were any seats open for the midnight flight (I was kinda ready for the trip to be over by that time), and of course it was full. So we went to John's apartment and spent the night with them. It was fun. The next morning we flew out and after a long trip we were home. You know the Ikea commercials where the people come back from vacation and they lay on their bed with their faces in their bed and say "I missed you so much!" to their mattress? Well, that is exactly how I felt about our bed, our camry, the kid's beds, etc. It is so nice to be home. And might I add that Phoenix has been the perfect angel since we have come home. Like, no whining! Trust me, I am enjoying it.


Travis said...

You forgot to mention how Phoenix was perfect for the flight home for his daddy.

Matthew and Marilyn said...

Dude, We totally went on the luge/sled-pipe thingy too! We went to park city for Matt's brother's wedding two years ago. Matt's brother went down too fast and flipped out of the sled and over the side of the pipe and rolled down half of the mountain. The next day he had a skinned-up arm and a bruised eye for his wedding shots. Way to go, smart guy!

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