Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You say tomato!

I have an anti-talent. I can kill plants like nobody else, and probably faster than anyone else. That is why I purchased an already mature tomato plant from Home Depot about a month ago. There was no way a tomato plant could survive from a young age with me. If there is one thing I love about the summer, it has got to be garden fresh tomatoes. I decided buying a lone tomato plant would make more sense than attempting a box garden this year (I am planning on one for next year...once we buy a house). I have been very good about watering the plant, the sun ripened tomatoes are apparently incentive enough to keep me interested. Anyway, after a month or so of hard labor (OK, so pouring some water into the soil isn't exactly hard) I enjoyed my first tomato today. It makes me wish I would have had a Roma tomato plant and a cherry tomato plant. But I will enjoy this variety for now.


Monson Family II said...

AHh!!! I wanted a tomato plant too, but I got discouraged when my flower plant from Mother's Day died too quickly!!! I always loved picking our cherry tomatoes in the summer time growing up.