Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Date Night

No, not for me...it was a Daddy/Daughter date night. Travis got the idea to take Audrey to see Toy Story 3. Of course Audrey was super excited. She even let me change her earrings! She picked her outfit out herself. Her go-to special outfit is her jeans, with her polka-dot cowgirl shirt (it has ruffles down the front) with her flower sweater. Yes, it was a wee hot for her outfit, but she didn't car.

She picked Trav's outfit out to. They had a great time, and they both keep imitating the doll on it that said "Mama....Mama" in a creepy voice.


Leah said...

sounds like a really fun idea!!

Tatum said...

That is so cute. I love that Audrey had a special outfit and picked out her daddy's outfit too!

Monson Family II said...

I love that she puts so much care into her outfits for her dates already. And the "mama..." in the creepy voice is hilarious!!!