Monday, September 12, 2016

Peter Pan Play

I was bursting with pride when I saw Audrey, she was awesome with all of her indian dance moves, she really got into the role!

Three days after I had Felicity, Audrey and Phoenix had their performance of Peter Pan.  The past plays were all homeschool productions (same director, but different group of kids), the homeschool group was not an option this time, so it was a different experience for Audrey and Phoenix.  They still had a few of their homeschool friends that did the play with them.  Audrey was an indian, and Phoenix was a lost boy.  They both loved their roles.  My mom was in town to see the play also, I was so glad she could be there.  

Phoenix was so sad when the play was over because he wanted to be a lost boy again.  I just love seeing Audrey and Phoenix perform!  They both had choreography and lines to say and songs to sing, so many skills aquired!