Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The End of Soccer

This was a rough season for soccer.  The first three weeks were cancelled due to snow...yes, I said SNOW! And although the snow melted, the cold weather continued for almost the whole season.  I made an awesome outdoor blanket with two layers of fleece and a layer of nylon (windbreaker material), it kept me warm!  With two kids playing, two practices a week (and there is no set practice schedule), and two games every Saturday.  Needless to say, Travis and I were anxiously counting down to the end of the season!  

When I saw how excited Phoenix was when he got his trophy I realized that the trophy might be the only reason he wanted to do soccer. 

Audrey has played soccer for 5 seasons now.  She hasn't scored one goal, ever.  That all changed with two minutes left, of the last quarter, the last game of the season.  All the stars aligned, the ball went to Audrey, no one was blocking her, she had a clean shot to the goal, she took it.  The goalie tried to block it, but it rolled through her legs.  No one was more shocked than Audrey, Travis, and myself.  Audrey jumped up and down and cheered.  I blinked back some tears behind the safety of my sunglasses.  It was perfect.