Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day

Aside from waking up to an alarm clock (curse you 9 am church!), Mother's Day was pleasant and enjoyable.  Travis let me pick out a new lens that I have been wanting for a few years, and I tested it out while dinner was cooking.  

Travis made me Gado-Gado (an Indonesian dish from my Dad's mission).  He made the peanut sauce, the marinade for the chicken, and then he grilled the chicken.  Am I the only one that thinks food tastes better when you don't have to prepare it yourself?  After dinner he made me white cupcakes from scratch, I made strawberry buttercream icing to go on top (no recipe for that).  Travis has really made a lot of progress in the kitchen this year!  I thoroughly appreciate his efforts, and I look forward to more meals prepared by him ;-).

Both Travis and I were blessed with wonderful mothers who raised in the best ways.  It is nice to have holidays to honor specific people in your life because it makes me reflect on all that I have been blessed with (a wonderful mom and mother-in-law).