Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Audrey Turns 9

Audrey turned 9 on the day after we got back from our DC trip.  I had received some very sad news about a friend the night before, and I just wanted to stay home and cry all day.  Because it was Audrey's birthday, I knew that wouldn't be an option.  I made Audrey crepes for breakfast, and then we got ready and hit up Panera for lunch (she got a cup of Broccoli and Cheese soup, and Phoenix got a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel with Cheesecake Cream Cheese).  Then we went to our Natural Science Museum...the kids both love this place!  Audrey dressed up in her trek gear, and she begged Phoenix to let her borrow his dinosaur backpack, which she filled with snacks and binoculars.  

It turned out to be somewhat of a bummer because the Butterfly room and the Discovery room were both closed (I didn't get the memo), but we still had fun.  Audrey brought $5 of her own, and Phoenix borrowed $10 from me (he paid me back at home) to make gift store purchases.  Audrey got a few rocks to add to her collection, and Phoenix got the fossil kit that he had to dig the dinosaurs out of plaster, he loved it!

Audrey wanted Cream Cheese Soup for her birthday dinner (I did my best to get her to choose Cheesecake Factory), and for her treat she wanted homemade Hot Chocolate.  I live in a family of non-cake eaters.  

Audrey struggled with gloomy feelings all day, I am not sure if she was tired, or maybe she could sense that I was feeling sad (despite me trying to hide it), but after she opened her presents she was a happy girl.  She got a few sewing kits, and a bunch of Calico Critters, and some flippers.  I was glad that she had a happy ending.