Thursday, October 2, 2014

California Trip: Part 1

Me and the kids skipped town the first week of September and went to visit my sisters in California (Jess who lives there, and Leah visiting from Chicago).  My kids haven't seen Alexis since last year, and she has grown and changed so much since then.  When we were in the parking lot of the airport, after Jess and her family picked us up, Alexis walked over to Phoenix and gave him a hug, and then she walked over to Audrey and gave her a hug.  It was the cutest/sweetest thing ever!

Audrey loved holding Alexis and carrying her around, and Alexis loved being carried around by Audrey.  

We got to go the Jelly Belly factory!  It was quite interesting to see how much goes into make the small little jelly beans, and I really enjoyed hearing the history of both the company, and the jelly bean.  

Our tour guide said everything with artificial enthusiasm, so fake that you couldn't help but laugh.  It actually made the tour a bit more amusing.