Thursday, April 3, 2014

Children's Choir

Every year our church hosts a Nativity event during December.  They have many different musical numbers over the course of 4-6 evenings, along with hundreds of Nativities set up for people to enjoy.  This year, both kids participated in the children's choir.  Audrey was a model participant, she learned the choreography, she practiced the songs, and she even volunteered for a solo (they ended up cutting the song the night of because they couldn't get the recording to work).  Phoenix was...not.  He spent the whole time going from one microphone to another (they kept turning them off on him) singing as loudly as he could (mostly gibberish) and he couldn't have cared less about anyone else.  I debated if I should even claim him as my own after it was done.  

Both kids had a great time!!  Phoenix did so well in practice that I was somewhat surprised that he would care so much about the microphones.  Audrey is looking forward to doing this next year...and Phoenix may need one more year before he is ready.