Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Night With Elves

I know that a Christmas post (or 4) may be a little late in April...but better late than never, right?

We started off the Christmas festivities with the Marbles party.  This was our first year going, and we will probably add it to our annual traditions.  The kids LOVED it!!  They got to dress up in their jammies (our elf, Twinkle, brought them both a new pair), and there were so many fun activities for the kids.

Audrey's favorite room by far was the Elf Training room.  They had a center where she got to practice her present stacking skills, and they had a reindeer grooming center...she was in heaven.  The day after this party Audrey dressed up as an elf and played all sorts of elf games.

The kids loved playing with the "snow", and Auntie Leah brought them their own for Christmas!!

Outside they had s'mores and hot chocolate.  I don't think "hot" is descriptive enough... it was more like 2degrees-away-from-boiling hot chocolate.  I had a cup thinking that it would cool down, but after 10 minutes it was still burning!!  I ended up throwing it away because I was scared that I might drop it on a kid (accidentally of course).  

When I was younger we would always go to the IBM Christmas party, it was awesome!!  Since we do not have a company party to go to at Christmas time, this was a great substitute for our kids!