Thursday, April 3, 2014


It had been a few years since we last went bowling, and with Leah in town (and a few coupons that were expiring at year end) we decided to go.  

The touchscreen was very difficult to use, and my typos were extreme.  From top to bottom: Rach, Leah, Travis, Audrey, and Phoenix.

Phoenix and Leah were tied up until the very end, which is pretty hilarious.  Leah pulled ahead just in time to save herself the embarrassment of losing to a 4 year old.  

We had a ton of fun, and plan to go back again.  We also went roller skating when Leah was in town, which was really fun as well.  We got cotton candy, and nachos and cheese, and after our wobbly legs got used to skates again, we had fun doing that as well.