Monday, April 9, 2012

We Moved!

One of my excuses for the scanty blog posting lately is that we moved! We wanted to move closer to the areas that Travis works in, although the office is still a ways away, and I wanted to get Audrey into a different school, and neighborhood. We have met a lot of our neighbors already, they are very friendly and Audrey loves them all. We live really close to some good friends, which is always nice. Our neighborhood has a pool and a FENCED IN, thats right, I said FENCED IN playground. Audrey is 100% happier at her new school. At her old school she hated going, and I hated dropping her off there. She was late all the time because she was dragging her feet so much. She developed an extreme inability to handle things with her outfit that she did not like (i.e. a string hanging off of her sock, a shirt with a neckline 1/2 inch too low, shoes that the laces were too loose, or too tight...), getting her to wear anything was a hassle (I totally gave up on trying to make her look anything close to stylish). It was a dark time for both of us. She has been going to her new school for a month, she LOVES it, her teachers are awesome, and she no longer has the clothing issues, or rather, they are to a manageble place now, and she hasn't been late to school once! We were sad to leave our previous ward, but our new ward is great also.

We are basically moved in now, getting things organized etc, next up is planting a box garden, and decorating the house. Since I am a full fledge pinaholic (aka obsessed with pinterest) I already have a ton of ideas! Wish me luck, I am hoping to have most of the decorating done this month.


Kristen said...

I miss you! :) I'm glad things are going well, though. You guys deserve it. :)

janae said...

Yeah! So glad that your move went so well.

Emily Bartlett said...

yay for you guys! i want to see some picts. i'm so jealous that i'm missing out on Rachel/April time. The rule is everytime you hangout you need to say my name at least once, mmk?

Ellett Family said...

Wow, you guys have been so busy,that explains why I have not seen you blog any. We are so jealous we love Walt Disney World glad to hear you had fun with the kiddos. We can't wait to take the boys there. Where did you move?

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