Monday, April 9, 2012

Magic Kingdom

I have always felt like my childhood was not quite complete having been a Disney virgin up until last month, I will say now that I have officially fulfilled my childhood dreams and I can progress to adulthood now! Magic kingdom was everything I thought it would be: magical (it's in the name), enchanting, makes you feel like an 8 year old kid get the idea.

We met up with Trav's parents, his brother Jason, and Janae and her family. ALL of the kids were extremely well behaved (even Phoenix!!!).

Audrey has never been into princesses, so I made her a Jessie costume and I made Phoenix a Woody costume to match. The only characters that I really cared about seeing that day were Jessie and Woody, and can I just say that we got very lucky?

Instead of riding in the strollers like the other kids, Audrey walked hand in hand with Grandma the entire day. So cute!

This was THE BEST fireworks show I have ever seen! Phoenix liked it too...

Fireworks have always been a bit loud for Audrey, and mixed with her crazed brother's screams she decided to enjoy the show with her ears plugged.


janae said...

The last picture is literally priceless!