Monday, April 9, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was my least favorite, and I am thinking the reason is because it was not as much for little kids (despite what the hotel concierge said). There were some rides but Phoenix was too short to ride on pretty much any of them, and he was kinda devastated. We went on the Safari, I spent the entire time in line trying to keep this little boy from was annoying to say the least. The Safari was basically an entire Zoo visit, the best part being you were being driven instead of having to walk (what? I am lazy...).

Coolest. Tree. Ever.

By the end of the day Phoenix was worn out, and still feeling sad about the whole no rides thing, so while everyone else caught a show I took him to see the characters. I am not sure if you can tell in these pictures, but his tongue is out of his mouth in literally every single picture. One of the Disney photographers asked if I could get him to put his tongue in his mouth and I told her that I honestly do not think I could. Haha!