Friday, March 25, 2011


Clifford is that name that I gave our big red van that my Mom drove around when I was in my youth (get it? Clifford the big red dog...?). I could not think of a more embarrassing vehicle to be dropped off in than a huge van. A woody rusty minivan would have been a welcome change. My Mom was (and still is) an aggressive driver, and she would always pull the van up to the very front, most obvious spot for the maximum amount of people to see me exiting the dreaded van. (In my parents defence there are 8 kids in my family so the van really is the only option for that many people). So to wrap it up, a good portion of my childhood was spent in total and utter embarrassment due to Clifford.

Fast forward 8 years.

The last time we visited NY Audrey got to ride in Clifford, and she thought it was the coolest thing that ever happened to her (like cooler than Chuck E Cheese).

Earlier this week me and Trav were talking about how he needs to get another truck for the business. Audrey got very upset and she said "NO Trav! You already have enough trucks!" So I asked her what kind of car she would want and she said "A van". I asked her if she'd want a big van or a small van. "A big van, that is red, with grey seats. That would be AWESOME!!" was her reply. It cracks me up just to type it. Who would have thought that my own daughter would think that the most embarrassing thing from my youth would be "awesome"?


Megan said...

Is this an announcement?!? Are we having a new addition to the family?.....a beautiful shiny red new van? (0:

So I know we won't have time to craft before I leave, but let's set a date for the end of April. What nights are good for you?