Thursday, March 17, 2011


One of Audrey's new favorite (and usually misused) words is embarrassing. I usually don't correct her when she uses it incorrectly because I think it is cute.
Audrey and Phoenix LOVE baths (it might run in the family). Phoenix does the sign for bath about 5 times a day (very hard to resist!). Once in a while Phoenix will need to um...err....uhh...relieve himself when he is in the bath. He will stand up and let the pee flow. Audrey thinks it is hilarious. A few nights ago Phoenix did just this and between laughs Audrey said "Phoenix, that is embarrassing!" Phoenix laughed, and so did I. 2 kids keeps things interesting!


Ellett Family said...

She is so funny! You guys get ready for all the pee from having a boy, trust me after having these 3 boys we have had our share of pee spraying everywhere.

Jessica said...

That is wicked funny lol