Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming Home

Whoa! Have I checked out this month or what? I had no idea it had been so long since my last post. I will fill in the blanks between then and now soon. Promise.

Over the weekend I met two of my sisters in Chicago for another girls weekend. The nice thing about flying to Chicago from Raleigh is that it is a straight flight, less than 2 hours away (basically take-off, take off the seat belt sign, drinks, and then the landing) couldn't be easier. We had a delish dinner that night in Chicago (me, Leah, Jess, and Leah's beau, Paul), the next day we hit up an outlet mall (shopping opportunities with girls are few and far between for me so of course we all took advantage of our being together), and we got some pizza, and a milkshake (the sign said it was small but it was seriously like 4 regular small shakes). I was stuffed (like roll me through the door kind of stuffed). The next day was spent with me in bed feeling like...umm...I better not say here, let's just say pretty bad (or should I say ugly bad? just sayin....). Could it have been worse timing? I think not. My being sick definitely limited some activities (I thought about trying to rent one of those scooter wheelchairs, but those babies don't rent out as easily as a car, so I had to scratch that idea). I felt a lot better the next day and even better the day after that. All in all, we had a great time (food, shopping, family, movies...), aside from my sick day. No pictures this time though (I thought about taking one of my ugly sicko mug during my sick day, but lucky for you I refrained).

I was anxious to get home though. I had never been away from my little mama's boy, so I was excited to see his reaction, and of course I missed my cuddle buddy, and my little girlie. I got to my gate to wait to board my returning flight and I immediately felt comfortable with the people who were around me. A lot of them were returning home to Raleigh, like me. The south (at least this part of the south) is full of extremely friendly and loving people that will talk to you like they've known you their whole life. Who wouldn't want to be in a room full of instant friends? I know I like it. My flight went perfect (the ONLY empty seat on the flight was next to ....ME!!!), when I got back into RDU I was able to help a lady with a baby (I kinda make it my personal mission to help anyone with kids in airports) and that made my day. Walking through the airport everyone was so friendly and smiley, I would have felt like a movie star, but that is how people here are to everyone. Ahh, it was good to be back to the place I now call home!

I walked out to the 65 degree night air to look for my lova boy, and I saw him standing by our car (he always gets out of the car when he is waiting to pick someone up at the airport and fidgets around doing stuff like opening the trunk and pretending to fix something so that the airport peeps won't make him move). I always miss Trav when we are apart, and I love it when he wraps his arms around me tight to welcome me back. The kids were sooo excited (I was at least as exited as they were). Little Phoenix started to cry when I moved away from him so I sat next to him for the first few minutes back to our house. When we got inside Travis, Audrey, and Phoenix took turns hugging and kissing me, over and over again. Its good to be loved. It was the perfect home coming.


Tatum said...

How fun! I would love a trip like that. Except for the sick part. Sisters are the best!