Monday, February 28, 2011

MY Valentines Day

When I married Travis I knew that he was not the romantic type. I was OK with that. I did not expect that he would get more and more thoughtful/romantic every year, but he does. He decorated our kitchen with the best cut out hearts, he had Audrey and Phoenix (and himself) make me valentines, and of course he got me loads of candy, plus the Taylor Swift CD that I had hinted at (5 years ago he wouldn't have taken the hint if I had straight out told him). He made sure that I knew I am loved (hopefully I did the same for him). At the end of the night he was checking his facebook and there were of course the guys complaining about V-day and Travis said "some guys just don't get what Valentine's Day is all about." My guy just keeps getting better!


Kory said...

awwww... love it!

sounds like you've got him trained good! :)