Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Audrey's First Day of School (and the yellow ticket)

Yesterday was Audrey's first day of preschool. She isn't really a skirt wearing type of girl, but she really wanted to wear a skirt to school for her first day. She picked out a black Tinkerbell lunch box at Target, and we had a whole bunch of snacks for her to take (I wanted to make sure that she was happy with the contents). I also included a jelly sandwich (she doesn't like peanut butter, crazy right?). She told me she didn't need the jelly sandwich, but after school I found out that the sandwich was pretty much the only thing she did eat. She said that all of the kids had sandwiches.
Before I took her to school I read through the information packet for the parents. She goes to preschool 3 days a week, and at the beginning of the week the kids all start off with 3 green tickets. If they are naughty then the green ticket for that day will be exchanged for a yellow ticket. And if they are really naughty then the yellow ticket will be exchanged for a red ticket (this is my wording, it is nicer in the packet). If the kids survive the week with 3 green tickets they get a reward. One of the first things Audrey said to me when I picked her up was "I got a yellow ticket today". Luckily I had read the packet so I actually knew what that meant. I asked her why she got it and she said it was because she was tickling someone. That is so like Audrey! She also told me that she likes the boys better than the girls.
The car ride after I dropped her off was very quiet with just me and Phoenix. That girl is usually talking non stop. It was also much quieter at home for the 4 hours she was gone. I can't say that I missed her just because I knew that she was having so much fun at school, but both me and Phoenix were very excited to pick her up.
I am looking forward to the many stories that Audrey will come home with.


Matthew and Marilyn said...

Dag, already she is submitting to the peer pressure. Everyone else has a she has to eat a sandwich. Don't give in little Audrey! Fight the man! Eat those snacks!

Monson Family said...

Audrey is so cute! I do think its funny she got a yellow ticket on her first day though!

Sarah Newsom said...

I love reading about your kids.. they are too cute! I cant wait for the rest of her school stories!