Friday, September 24, 2010


I am waiting for Travis to get home from work....counting down each excruciating minute. Do you ever have days where you cannot wait for them to be over? Today has been one of those days (well, not the whole day...usually the countdown begins when Phoenix wakes up grumpy from his afternoon nap), in fact I have been having a string of those days (kind of the whole summer). It is still too hot to play for any length of time outside (umm...hello mother nature! it is almost the end of September!!!), we are more or less confined to the house because Trav takes our beloved Camry most days, and after a few too many creepy encounters in our neighborhood I have decided to eliminate walks (as if it is cool enough to walk outside anyway). Sometimes I hide from Phoenix because for some reason if he is grumpy he will just follow me around and whine and cry...but if I leave the room he is totally cool playing with his kitchen. He is on to a lot of my hiding places.

Needless to say, me and the kids jump up with excitement when Travis comes through the door. Relief for all of us. For me the relief comes in the form of another adult to help with the kids many (MANY) needs...whether it be fixing Audrey her 7th meal of the day, or changing Phoenix's 12th poopy diaper. For the kids, they get relief from their boring (worn out) Mom.

Yay! He just came home!! Excuse me while I pretend that our outing to the mall and to get pizza with the kids is a romantic date with my hunny!


Al and Ash said...

I do that with Allen all the time. Sometimes it just makes it that much more manageable to have someone else there. Ty always wakes up grumpy from afternoon naps too....oh the joys of motherhood. :)

At least we have premier week to keep us sane. I'm a total Gleek, Biggest loser, and Office fan. It has been a good week.

Sarah Newsom said...

It sounds like you manage things very well. I really do understand when you are waiting and waiting for your husband to get home. Even though we dont have any kids sometimes I do need some help with something but mainly its just nice to have their company :)