Thursday, September 2, 2010

JoNaS bRoThErS Concert

Yes, you read that correctly. Jonas Brothers Concert. I love them! Now, I am not about to start wearing a T-shirt with their faces on it, and I do not have any posters decorating my bedroom, but I do consider myself a fan. My sister, Joanna is also a fan, more hardcore than myself. Michelle was in town and she obviously likes the Jo Bro's enough to go see them in concert. I totally thought I would be the oldest one there, but I wasn't (I might have been the oldest one there with out a little girl at my side though). It was at Hershey Park, PA so we had a few hours before the concert to catch...3 rides. Lines are so annoying!
I had this plan of looking amazing for the concert (I do not get many legit occasions to actually dress up anymore), but I looked totally horrid for the concert. That may or may not be related to the whole showering the night before, waking up at 5 am, driving 6+ hours in the car....with kids, waiting in long lines at Hershey Park, riding the rides, sweating...for some reason I was planning to take a shower before the concert started, but since 3 extra hours in the day did NOT magically appear I had to go to the concert in the state I was.

(sorry Jo, I couldn't resist)
The concert was so fun!
There are a few cool things about the Jonas Brothers...
1) They are brothers
2) They write pretty much all of their own stuff
3) Most of their songs are catchy (imho) and fun to sing along to (most of the video I got of the concert has me and Jo singing in ain't pretty)
4) They wear purity rings (except for Kevin who is married, but he wears his wedding ring so...)
Anyway, I will definitely plan on going to a concert next year, or next time they go on tour. Maybe Travis will come with me (and maybe even Audrey), and we can pay the extra $ for the closer seats.


Joanna said...

ha ha rachel. you are soo funny. (that was all meant to be said sarcastically)