Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Young to be a Dad

In high school I watched this lifetime movie called "Too young to be a Dad". It was about a teen pregnancy. I love the titles of Lifetime movies...they are always so cheesy and they basically give the whole movie away.

Anyway, today I was getting ready for the day and Audrey brought her baby doll in to my room where Phoenix was.

"Phoenix, I will be the Mommy and you will be the Daddy, OK?" Audrey said to him.

It is funny to think of Phoenix pretending to be a Daddy since he is still a baby, but he seemed to like the idea.

Can you see the similarities between their smiles?


Wii are the Nelsons said...

such cute pics - love their smiles. Phoenix looks so tall.

never seen that movie- I like Lifetime too. My mom and I will always watch movies on there together

Leah said...

lol if you call opening your mouth a cute!

Anonymous said...

Phoenix looks like he is getting so big!!! I saw a lifetime movie with that title but it had a much uglier actor in it LOL

Tatum said...

Lifetime movies are so addicting. Don't tell anyone I watch them when no one is looking.


Kristin said...

oh my they look alike. He is getting so big. They are adorable.