Monday, March 8, 2010

Pick-up Line

Back in my youth when I would attend church functions we would all exchange really cheesy pick-up lines. I loved hearing new ones. One of my favorite ones was: "I went to EFY (a week long Mormon youth event at a college) expecting a spiritual experience, but I didn't expect to see an angel!"
Well, Joanna was at one of those youth dances a few weeks ago and yesterday I finally got to chat with her. I asked her if she danced with any cute guys and then she told me that she danced with this really awkward guy (who was so awkward that he had one of Jo's friends ask her to dance for him). The conversation was sparse, and after a minute or two Jo asked him what his hobbies were. He told her that he built computers. Then he asked her how many computers she has. After she told him, he revealed to her (in a proud manner) that he has 14 computers. That has got to be one of the best pick up lines of all time!
p.s. I FINALLY got the little guy down to sleep so hopefully I will have a chance to work on a spring banner for our mantle!


Joanna said...

haha, i can't believe you made this a post!! i feel very honored :)

Monson Family II said...

Oh yes! I loved cheesy pick up lines. We always did the (when holding their arm) "wow- it feels like I'm holding to the iron rod!"