Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st Day of Swim Lessons

Yesterday marked a monumental day in Audrey's life...her first day of swim lessons. I spent my summers in swim lessons, and I have many great memories. Also, I was a swim teacher for 5 years, so I take an extra interest in my kids swim lessons. I knew that Audrey would be a bit apprehensive, so I took her swimming last Saturday (Travis and Phoenix came to). This pool is kept at a toasty 88-90 degrees, and it has a great area for non-swimmers to play in. Audrey had so much fun that I literally had to drag her out of the pool. She was scared to take swim lessons but when I told her that she would make friends she was excited about it.

I was not impressed with the teacher, there was one kid who was actively drowning 2 different times...on the first day. Not cool. Plus she turned her back to the kids a ton...a definate no no, especially with young kids who cannot swim and can't touch the bottom for the most part. My heart rate was increased for the whole lesson because I was on watch for all of the students (did I mention I was also a lifeguard?). Luckily there is also a lifeguard on duty and he saw the kid drowning both times, so at least someone is on top of things. Despite all of my concerns Audrey had a great time and she made a friend. She was crying when we had to go (I was sighing in relief).

This is her "smile" at the end of I said, she did not want to go.


piaget1998 said...

Poor Audrey LOL she looks so sad. She must have really had a fun time!