Friday, February 26, 2010

Signature Soyloin and Poo Cookies

Travis can do a Mexican accent really well, but that is the only accent he can do. When he attempts to do an English accent, or a southern accent, or a French accent he sounds like a kid who was raised in the ghetto who is attempting to do an Australian, Southern, English, Brooklynn and any other accent you can think of all at the same time. It is really funny. So you know the Outback steakhouse commercial where the Australian guy says "Signature Sirloin"? Well, Trav loves to say that line in his "Australian" accent. It sounds like "Signature Soyloin". Three nights ago Travis was saying it in his case you were wondering his "accent" was still really bad.

Last night we were watching the women's figure skating and one of the girl's messed up towards the beginning. Travis commented "when they mess up like that I don't even care about seeing the rest of their is like a cookie with a piece of poo in it. It is ruined." I laughed for about 5 minutes straight. Leave it to Trav to come up with an analogy like that.

So Travis got me that great coupon book for Valentines Day, but he also got me an IOU. He ordered me a box of Fannie May chocolates a few days ago and they arrived today. I was so excited. I called him to tell him that I got them and then he said that he still had some things that he wanted to get me for the IOU. I told him that he had done more than enough for me, him getting up with Phoenix for the week was a huge gift in itself. This is how he responded "Oh, great!" (he sounded relieved).

I love this guy!