Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lie to me

Last night me and Audrey had a treat of kettle corn with added sugar and m&m's. We remarkably did not finish the m&m's so I left the bowl on the kitchen table last night. This morning Audrey came up to me and asked if she could eat candy. I told her that she would have to wait until after dinner. Just now I was checking my email and she came running upstairs.

Audrey: My m&m's are not yucky! (she usually says stuff like that so that I can give my approval and say "no they are not yucky, you can eat them)

Me: Did you eat some m&m's?

Audrey: No, I dinnit eat them (as she said this the unmistakable smell of chocolate escaped her mouth)

Me: Come over here so I can see your teeth

Audrey: (trying to keep her mouth shut, finally I got it open to see remnants of m&m's on her molars)

Me: You lied to me

Audrey: No, YOU LIE! (said in a loud and accusing voice)

So I guess Audrey has figured out how to lie.....great.


Leah said...

oh no!!!!! cute story though ;)