Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boogie Wall

yeah, you read that right. I said boogie wall, to be more specific I should say Audrey's boogie wall.

A few weeks ago I noticed a green speck on the wall next to Audrey's bed. I asked she had put a boogie on her wall and she said "yes". The next day I noticed that the green speck had a friend, and the day after that there were some more "friends". I told Audrey she had to stop wiping her fingers on the wall. She didn't.

Today we were rearranging Audrey's room, including her bed. I had told Travis about her boogie wall, but I don't think that he ever really took a good look at it until today. His reaction was a shutter and a gasp in disgust. I had the lovely task of cleaning it. It wasn't easy.

I told Audrey that she couldn't have a boogie wall anymore. It was really gross cleaning it.


Monson Family II said...

hahaha- that is so funny. I love that she was honest about it!

Sarah Newsom said...

how funny.. lets hope she doesnt start a new one!

The Five Moores said...

grose! and funny! I love your blog it always makes me laugh so hard i have to pee. Thanks for the entertainment!