Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am pretty sure I know the real reason a pregnant belly is referred to as a "baby bump". It is because you bump into EVERYTHING with your protruding stomach (or at least I do). You would think you get used to it after a few months, but I guess years of having a flatter mid-section get you in the habit of moving around more freely than a Buddha belly allows. So, if I accidentally bump into you know why.


Michelle said...

haha i know exactly what you mean!! sometimes when i'm wearing a backpack with lots of books in it i try to fit through narrow spaces like between the carols in the library but usually bump into things in the process.. but at least i can take a backpack off- that's gotta be a wee bit frustrating! luckily you're almost through it : )

Kristin said...

Yes but if I remember correctly, your baby bump is tiny and very cute. You look darling when you are pregnant Rachel.