Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angel Girl

Traveling with kids is no picnic, but the after-effects are the worst to deal with. I went to NY for about a week (May 13-19) and of course Audrey came with me. Ever since we got back to NC Audrey was very needy, extremely clingy, and sometimes impossible to deal with, and did I mention that her attitude was off the charts? That was a result of her missing sleep for the one week that I was in NY.

Two days ago she finally started acting like her normal, sweet self. I am so happy. I love being around her when she is like this. The good thing about going through the rough patches with her is that I appreciate the good times so much more.


Tatum said...

She is so beautiful Rachel! I can't wait till my girls start acting normal. They've been off the wall for 3 months!