Sunday, March 29, 2009

What We Need...

Is a little more sunshine (ok, a LOT more) and a little less rain (about 3 days per year is good enough for me).
Anyone else get seasonal depression? Perhaps my friends in sunny AZ do not (there in nothing depressing about sunshine and warmth every day). I always do, but especially this year. I think it was because I wasn't prepared for the cold weather during the winter and the massive amounts of rainfall here in Raleigh. Things were really bleak the last two weeks, but this weekends the sun decided to show her face and share some of her warmth with us. All I can say is "Keep it coming!" There is nothing like sunshine to brighten your mood.


Sarah Newsom said...

I love sunshine too!It makes life happier. Congratulations on your new baby. How exiting.
PS: Your blog is soo cute.

Tatum said...

That is why you need to move back! Hope you at least come to visit soon. you have stayed away too long!