Saturday, March 21, 2009

Terrible Two's

Please note Travis in the background (he is frustrated), and the tear going down Audrey's cheek.

Doing anything with Audrey has become increasingly difficult lately. If we play outside, she tries to run away (come on, I know for a fact that her parents are cool!), and she screams when we go inside. If we play her computer game for half an hour, she screams when I am done helping her. If we watch one of her movies, she cries when it is over. If we go out shopping...let's just say I have pretty much decided not to do that with her anymore. I feel like the more fun I try to let her have, the more it blows up in my face (in the form of tears and screams).

So, now you know the negatives about this current stage she is going through. Let's go over the positives.

She tells me that I am pretty about 100 times per day (today we were shopping and she said to the checkout lady "My Mom is pretty"). She tells me she loves me about 100 times per day. She likes to cuddle with me. She loves planning for her birthday party (I love it to). She has started to hold onto my leg and pretend that she is a monkey. If I am sad, she will comfort me. She loves to wear red lipstick (and she is really good at putting it on herself!). She constantly compliments people ("I like your shirt, I like your earrings..."). She picks out what shoes I should wear. She loves dancing to songs...and she also loves the same music as me. And lately, she has been eating spaghetti and meatballs every day, at least once a day.