Friday, January 8, 2016

Zoo with Alexis

The zoo was on the "must do" list during Jess's visit.  

Whenever we go to the zoo Audrey always puts on an "explorer" outfit, and she packs her backpack full of snacks, water, and her binoculars.  She also always carries the zoo map with her.  The girl loves animals!

Our zoo got this new play area and it is awesome!  The kids played for over an hour, Jess and I got to sit and chat, and Travis got to snooze in the shade.  

With every zoo trip there is usually a highlight, an animal that is active, or especially interesting.  This time it was the cougars.  I swear that they wanted to eat the littles.  They were particularly eyeing Alexis.  It made me nervous even though they were behind a window.  

Travis couldn't help but harass this alligator, he was successful in his attempt to make it move.  Apparently, it didn't love being poked with the small tree stick that Travis used.